Enhancing the Member Experience

By Carrie Morin, ASHG Director, Membership & Industry Engagement Membership

ASHG is committed to the vision that people everywhere realize the benefits of human genetics and genomics research, and members like you are at the forefront of making this a reality.

To fulfill that vision, the Society makes a critical investment in providing valuable resources and tools to members like you and ASHG has launched a new wave of benefits to continue supporting this important work.

As a current member, you already know you have access to a host of benefits such as, digital programs on emerging science, accessible fact sheets for advocacy and public outreach, the Society’s journals AJHG and HGGA, our online member community, ASHG Connect, and so much more.

Check out ASHG’s new and expanding benefits:

  • ASHG 2022 Housing: As we return to meeting in-person at ASHG 2022 in Los Angeles in October, members can book first-choice housing as the block opens over one full week ahead of general booking.
  • The ASHG Career Accelerator: A new resource provided by the ASHG Career Development Committee helps members explore careers in genetics & genomics and provides helpful advice for the career search, interview, and negotiation process. Plus, members save on job advertisements on ASHG’s Job Board.
  • On-demand webinars and journal clubs: The ASHG Learning Center library has a wide array of content available online that can be used in your career development journey. From webinars and journal clubs to sessions from previous Annual Meetings that cover a range of technical skills and topics including DEI, mentoring, career changes, and more.
  • On-demand year-round workshops: ASHG’s Interactive Invited Workshops cover topics including scientific scholarship, research tools, new technologies, and skill development. These workshops will become free to all members but will continue to have a cost for non-members.
  • Past SNP issues: ASHG’s weekly newsletter providing the latest updates in the field, important deadlines for Society programs, and resources for members.
  • Past Messenger issues: ASHG’s quarterly newsletter highlighting Society news, member accomplishments, broader community discussion, and new opportunities.
  • The Nascent Transcript:  ASHG’s newsletter for trainees providing helpful career tips, advice from peers, and current job openings on our ASHG Career Center.
  • As a current member, you can now enjoy all these things without restricted access, and we encourage you to take advantage of them all year round! For questions about membership or if you have any trouble viewing these items, please contact our membership team at membership@ashg.org .

ASHG is your partner in not only pushing forward the mission to advance human genetics and genomics but also serving as your professional home. Making these enhancements to the member experience is critical to ensuring we continue to keep our pulse of the needs of our members to better support them as they work to achieve their own professional goals.

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