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Applications and nominations for ASHG Board of Directors and committee service are open for service beginning January 2024. Trainee and non-trainee positions are available. Applications and nominations close March 14, 2023.

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Interview with Beryl Cummings
Trainee leader Beryl Cummings describes her position on the Program Committee and how it’s helped her advance professionally.
ASHG invites trainee members (undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, residents, and clinical fellows) to contribute to the Society’s leadership by serving on ASHG committees or on the ASHG Board of Directors.

Trainees in these positions are expected to be full, engaged committee members and to fully embrace the responsibilities of their position. Please see the descriptions of committees and consider reaching out to current trainee leaders to find out more.


  • You must be an ASHG trainee member at the time you apply. Join or renew before you apply.
  • You must be either working toward a terminal degree (e.g., MS, MD, PhD), or have received your terminal degree within the last three years.
  • No prior committee experience required.

Application Requirements

  • CV
  • Two long-form answers to questions specific to the committee of interest
  • One recommendation from a senior colleague who is an ASHG member. Recommendation forms will be sent directly to your identified reference when you submit your application; references will be asked to comment on:
    • The applicant’s leadership skills and potential, including previous experience with professional and/or volunteer service
    • How the applicant’s interests and experience will further the mission of the committee of interest

Terms for all positions are three years. As with all committee and Board positions, you may hold only one position at a time.



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