Let’s do this Again: Thoughts on the Professional Development and Industry Technology Forum’s Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Author: Latrice Landry, PhD, MSC

This year the American Society of Human Genetics Society hosted a career development forum aimed at providing professional development to trainee and early career members.

Among the many workshops during this forum, which was hosted from October 12- 14, 2021, were the two “Perfect Your Elevator Pitch” networking sessions. These sessions focused on both non-industry and industry related careers.

These one-hour sessions were a great opportunity for members to meet one-on-one with academic, industry, government, and non-profit professionals. Members were given an elevator pitch template beforehand as a guide for how to do an elevator pitch. Some participants used the template, others used their own or created one on the spot.

After I helped organize the session, I looked at the names, institutions and companies represented by the professionals in the virtual rooms for the event, and I decided I had to participate myself. I had the opportunity to have veteran members of our community, whose careers I have watched, give me feedback on my elevator pitch and career advice. Additionally, some professionals gave me interviewing feedback and spoke to me beyond the elevator pitch. I even had a few individuals point me to job postings that thought I would be a good fit for. It was truly invaluable.

I say to ASHG, “If we can, let’s do this again!” I also say to all trainees, early career professionals, or anyone considering a job transition, “Don’t miss the next one.”

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