Trainee Paper Spotlight: Samuel Smith, PhD

Samuel Smith, PhD, Brown University

Enrichment analyses identify shared associations for 25 quantitative traits in over 600,000 individuals from seven diverse ancestries

Samuel Smith, PhD
Samuel Smith, PhD, Brown University

Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Arbel Harpak Lab – University of Texas at Austin

ASHG: Can you describe the type of research that has your primary focus?

Samuel Smith: My research focuses on developing novel statistical frameworks and pipelines for analysis of human genomic data to better inform precision medicine. Broadly, I am interested in developing statistical methods that can be used to detect genotype-to-phenotype associations for common disease and clinical biomarkers.

ASHG: Throughout your life, what have been some of the biggest career goals that you have wanted to accomplish?

Samuel: My ultimate goal is to start my own group at a research institution where I can continue to pursue open questions in human genetics. More importantly, I want to become the best teacher and scientist that I can by pursuing opportunities for teaching and collaboration.

ASHG: What are some of the reasons you chose to study genetics instead of anything else?

Samuel: I chose genetics as a field of study due to its established importance to understanding human health and the innumerable opportunities that have emerged with the availability of genomic data. The question I set out to answer, what new insights gene-level association and network enrichment analyses offer to detect genotype-to-phenotype associations in multiple populations, was born of mutual interest between myself and my incredible advisor, Dr. Sohini Ramachandran.


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