Five Reasons You Should Consider Submitting Your Research to ASHG’s Journals

Submit to ASHG JournalsWhen it comes to publishing your work, how do you choose the best place for your research? We encourage you to choose ASHG — as your scientific society, a preeminent place for emerging science, and the field’s most influential community for human genetics and genomics research. When you choose ASHG, you not only advance your science through great journals, you advance the field’s collective science and impact.

ASHG’s scientific journals, The American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG) and Human Genetics and Genomics Advances (HGG Advances), provide ASHG members with two high-quality venues for publishing their research while striving to make the entire experience easy, fair, and constructive. As the world’s largest association for human genetics and genomics, ASHG’s publishing practices are driven by members and experts in the field who understand the needs of today’s researchers.

Want to know more? Here are five top reasons to submit your research:

  1. Scientific excellence: Publishing with one of the ASHG’s journals means having the world’s largest organization of scientists studying human genetics and genomics elevating your research. ASHG’s Editors hold the journals to the highest standards of publishing excellence and rigorous science.
  2. Fair evaluation: With Editorial boards composed of peer scientists and experts in broad topical areas of human genetics and genomics, you can be confident that editorial decisions at ASHG journals are guided by experience and integrity. Communication with authors is clear, peer review is rigorous, and decisions are made in a timely fashion.
  3. Pushing the field forward: Both journals are committed to serving the field and propelling scientific discovery by publishing cutting-edge human genetics and genomics research. We recognize that human genetics is evolving with unprecedented speed, and our journals are evolving to meet the needs of the field.
  4. Exposure: AJHG and HGG Advances offer high exposure to a broad audience interested in human genetics and genomics which means your paper will be widely viewed amongst the field and ASHG community.
  5. Investment in the field: Your publication fees support the Society’s programs, enabling the organization to continue to fulfill its mission to advance the field of human genetics and genomics.

The Society’s journals are committed to publishing excellent research while providing thought-provoking reviews and commentaries. To stay up to date with the latest research being published sign up for AJHG and HGG Advances alerts.

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